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DYMARK Industries uses today’s latest 3D BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING (BIM) technology, Tekla Structures.  Tekla Structures is a 3D modeling system that provides our highly skilled in-house steel detailers with specialized and diverse tools to generate extremely DETAILED and ACCURATE fabrication and erection drawings. Once the intelligent 3D model is complete, our team generates a wide variety of reports such as; document control/drawing revision lists, material lists, assembly and parts lists.  We also generate files used by our CNC equipment ensuring that the final fabricated part exactly matches the drawings.


The EXPERIENCE of our steel detailers, coupled with the TECHNOLOGY of Tekla Structures, has proven time and time again to maximize project efficiencies by providing predictable outcomes and reducing valuable time both in the shop and in the field.


Our steel detailing team has many years of experience in designing and detailing items directly related to the agriculture, mining and commercial construction industries.  Some examples of our design experience in these fields are shown below.

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