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DYMARK Industries designs, fabricates and finishes structural steel, miscellaneous metals and weighing systems in our state of the art facilities.


DYMARK Industries’ head office is located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada. The facility boasts a large MANUFACTURING FACILITY and CORPORATE OFFICES in the Marquis Industrial area of Saskatoon.


  • Peddinghaus:  PeddiAssembler (Robotic Welding)

  • Voortman:  V807 (Robotic Beam and Profile Cutting)

  • Virtek:  LTG (Laser Projection System)



  • Fresh air ventilation system

  • In-floor heat & bright lighting

  • 3 – 10 ton cranes (with 26’ of fall)

  • Peddinghaus drill line

  • Ocean Liberator CNC 5 axis torch head

  • Bay Lynx Camber Cat (cambering machine Cap. W36X280)

  • Haco shear

  • Hyd-Mech band saws

  • 88 ton 2 station Piranha iron worker

  • 50 ton web press

  • Individual weld stations

Our manufacturing facility features ample production space for fabrication of LARGE SCALE PROJECTS and is outfitted with three10-ton cranes. Our specialized equipment includes a computerized Hyd-Mech saw for cut precision, a Piranha dual operator control ironworker for accurate metal preparation/fabrication, a Peddinghaus CNC drill line to ensure accurate hole placement, and an Ocean Liberator CNC 5 axis torch.

SECURE EXTERIOR COMPOUND features several acres of storage space and loading bays for ease of shipments whether using our in-house corporate transportation or alternative transportation.



DYMARK Industries is extremely proud that our manufacturing facility features a vast space with ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE elements. The manufacturing facility is designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the purification and re-circulation of preheated air.  Our STATE-OF-THE-AIR FILTRATION system is designed to pull welding/industrial particulates out of the air into specialized holding compartments to be disposed of in a safe, environmentally friendly manner instead of being released directly into the air.



At DYMARK Industries, we understand that true leaders undertake steps for CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT. Our research and development team aims to create and incorporate new technologies, products and processes to exceed customer's expectations and improve profitability and productivity within the corporation.

DYMARK’s internal research and development projects allow us to gain
NEW EXPERTISE that we are able to share with customers and colleagues alike when working on mutual projects. Development, testing, re-testing and extensive evaluations are necessary phases in research and development whether we are working on a new product, technology or process.

Fab Shop


DYMARK Industries’ sandblasting and paint shop is located just north of Saskatoon in Warman, Saskatchewan, Canada. The facility boasts a LARGE COMPOUND offering easy access to large trucks and equipment, making it an ideal location for storage and shipping and receiving.  We have also erected a standalone SANDBLASTING TENT in addition to our  ENVIRONMENTALLY CONTROLLED PAINT SHOP.



  • Large fenced compound with 39 ft wide entrance gate

  • 715 sqft heated and air conditioned office

  • 8,200 sqft Paint Shop with 28 ft wide x 20 ft high overhead doors

  • Fresh air ventilation and drying system / Make-up air unit and exhaust fans

  • In-floor heat & bright lighting

  • Telehandlers and Forklift (8,000 lb to 10,000 lb)

  • Bobcat T250 with forks, bucket and 6 ft sweeper

  • Industrial compressors c/w air dryers and paint pumps (primers, enamels and epoxy paints)

  • 5,510 sqft sandblasting tent with 46.5 ft wide x 15.8 ft high hanger style door

  • Exhaust fans and air filtration

  • Stand-alone blast media silo and Big Clem blast pot (runs up to 6 lines)

  • Mobile blast and paint equipment trailer with solar power and heated office

  • Mobile Big Clem blast pot trailer (runs 2 lines) and mobile compressor

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