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DYMARK Industries fabricates structural steel, miscellaneous metals and weighing systems in our state of the art facility which includes:

Peddinghaus:  PeddiAssembler (Robotic Welding)

Voortman:  V807 (Robotic Beam and Profile Cutting)

Virtek:  LTG (Laser Projection System)

Fresh air ventilation system

In-floor heat & bright lighting

3 – 10 ton cranes (with 26’ of fall)

Peddinghaus drill line

Ocean Liberator CNC 5 axis torch head

Bay Lynx Camber Cat

   (cambering machine Cap. W36X280)

Haco shear

Hyd-Mech band saws

88 ton 2 station Piranha iron worker

50 ton web press

Individual weld stations

22’ wide x 20’ high overhead doors

DYMARK Industries has been manufacturing CUSTOM STEEL products for the agriculture, mining/industrial and commercial industries since our inception in 2002.  Beyond that, our team has been heavily involved in these industries for well over 25 years.  Our CWB CERTIFIED manufacturing facility provides the ideal environment to create and fabricate custom structural steel and miscellaneous metal products.  Our EXPERIENCED production team takes a great deal of pride in consistently delivering quality work backed by our extensive QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM.  From small to large scale projects, our experienced manufacturing team is dedicated to meeting project requirements ON TIME, ON BUDGET and ON SPEC


Our team works very hard to take custom fabrication projects from concept to final product in the most cost-effective manner for our clients. We PRIDE ourselves on our ability to work closely with a variety of customers, some of whom have broad project ideas, to those with intricate blueprints requiring complex solutions.

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