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DYMARK Industries applies a wide variety of industrial coatings to structural steel, heavy equipment, trailers, tanks and custom steel fabrications and utilizes multi-discipline blasting techniques in it's surface preparation process.  These VALUE ADDED services are offered both IN-HOUSE and on a MOBILE basis.


DYMARK Industries’ Sandblasting & Industrial Coatings facility and mobile units provide the ideal environment for efficient surface preparation and quality application of a wide variety of industrial coatings.  From small to large scale projects, our experienced team is dedicated to meeting project requirements on time and on spec.  DYMARK’s in-house NACE CIP Level 1 Coating Inspector utilizes our extensive QUALITY CONTROL PROGRAM to ensure the HIGHEST QUALITY FINISHES are consistently delivered whether in-house or out in the field.

DYMARK offers hand tool, power tool and dry abrasive blasting using a variety of media for its surface preparation services.  Industrial coatings are applied using a variety of applications depending on project specifications.  Our most commonly used blasting media and industrial coatings are listed below:


  • silica sand

  • glass bead

  • steel shot & grit

  • plus many more


  • industrial primer

  • industrial enamel paint

  • polyurethane paints

  • epoxy paints

  • metalizing (thermal zinc spray)

DYMARK’s experienced Mobile Blasting and Coatings team have worked in many different locations and are able to adapt to varying conditions to ensure the required work is performed safely and efficiently.  Our mobile equipment includes a Big Clem blast pot trailer, compressors, generators, and a fully outfitted mobile blast and paint equipment trailer.

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